The first and main point of introduction is your BUSINESS CARD.  Impress at this early stage and you can have a lasting and memorable connection.  It should not only carry your logo and contact details, but a descriptive or selling message.  It is in essence an advertisement for you and your company.

The rest of the items you will need can flow from the business card.  Letterheads, compliment slips, envelopes, invoices, packaging and labelling – all can and should bear a consistent image.


If you want to STAND OUT from the Crowd
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Viva Design Business Card

Viva Business Card – This is getting US noticed!

Don’t waste the space on the back! The extra print cost is little or nothing – even in colour!
You have room for a sales message, or a selling point, or your business’s mission statement or a photo of your product(s)… Even a special offer! (There is a code number on Viva Design’s business card for new customers to claim a discount on their first project!)

Organford Manor

An eye-catching suite of stationery was created for this development of Park Homes in Dorset. Several elements included imagery and selling messages on otherwise unused surfaces. Compliment slip and letterhead shown (both sides) and envelope.

  • Organford Business Card
  • Organford Manor business card back
  • Organford Manor Letterhead
  • Organford Manor Letterhead Back
  • Organford Manor Envelope
  • N & B Business Card
  • N & B Business Card Back
  • N & B Bookkeeping Letterhead
  • N & B Bookkeeping Letterhead Back

N & B Bookkeeping

Reassuring but colourful imagery, in a type of business not traditionally associated with these qualities.

Ernest Smith

Again, using the reverse of most items to reinforce the imagery and nature of the business.
Letterhead (both sides) and envelope are shown.

  • Ernest Smith Letterhead
  • Ernest Smith Letterhead Back
  • Ernest Smith Envelope