Logos and Branding

Books have been written about the art of the logo – they are acknowledged as necessary to all sizes and kinds of organisations.  A logo is the means by which organisations distinguish themselves, their products and services, aims and ambitions.

A logo must be designed to work recorgnisably in all forseeable situations – very small, huge, colour or mono.  Get it right and the benefits can be great – an investment that can and should last for many years.  Probably among the best known are Coca-Cola and Virgin – both created in a hand-written style.


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Calligraphy Signature on Business Card


Logo hand-written by the PenMaestro for this successful restaurant in Royal Clarence Marina, Gosport. It has even been etched into the glass of their windows and doors.

   [The advert] looks absolutely flipping brilliant. We LOVE it. You are stars as always. 

Julie Malec – Arty’s @ Royal Clarence Marina, Gosport

Ernest Smith

A look of longevity and traditional craftsmanship for these makers of fitted furniture.
The ‘E’ logo mimics the finely crafted dovetail joints that are a feature of their products.

Earnest Smith Logo

Spirit of Anigua Logo

Spirit of Antigua

Designed for the promotion of a sailing event in the sun, featuring the world-famous yachtsman Tony Bullimore.

N & B Bookkeeping

Reassuring but colourful imagery, in a type of business not traditionally associated with these qualities.

N & B Bookeeping Logo

Organford Manor Logo

Organford Manor

Naming and branding for a development of Park Homes in Dorset.


Promovan is a new business set up to hire out unusual, often old, vehicles to organisers of marketing events. Some of the vehicles are Italian Ape three-wheelers, as made by Vespa, and the typeface used to create this logo is the same as that used for Vespa scooters in the 1950s and 60s.

Logo for Promovan

Logo Stubbington Natural Health Center

Stubbington Natural Health Clinic

A gentle combination of the Yin and Yang symbols formed from dolphins for this clinic offering natural therapies.