Still a major influence in the manner in which businesses and their services and products are perceived.  Each project is given as much consideration as to the size, the shape and the material as the graphics and text content.


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Produced for a Recruitment Fair in Portsmouth, this brochure also acted as a folder containing more detailed information.  The cover created a puzzle as to the identity of the organisation, and the reader was drawn in to the body of the piece before discovering that it was the Ministry of Defence.  The brochure was accompanied by posters and an exhibition stand.  The campaign was so successful that it was then rolled out on nationwide tour of similar events.

MOD Brochure


Vision Logistics

In an industry that was not known for its creativity and imagination, this brochure gained great attention and resulting new business by its use of shape, format, text and graphics.  Its play on goods suited to their destinations has since been used several times – a similar theme now appears on Tesco’s vehicles!

 Over many years, John has designed and produced a great deal of the promotional material for my businesses, including logos, adverts, brochures and stationery. Each item seems to have a different angle or a slight twist on the conventional, making a statement which helps to separate us from our competitors. 

Peter Toon, Vision Logistics.

Alverbank Hotel

Promoting this hotel as a premium wedding venue.  It was so successful that it was still in use 10 years after our original design.  This brochure was a  great investment!

PS – we also designed their new logo.

Alverbank Hotel Brochure