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Image of John PrestonHeaded and led by John Preston, who for many years worked at the highest levels for companies of all sizes.  And now supposedly retired he works mainly in and around Hampshire and the South Coast.  He says “I have always maintained the view that whatever the size or budget of the project, the same level of talent, thought and expertise should be applied.”

My portfolio is by far the best way to demonstrate my track record.  A short meeting will reveal how and why each example was designed and produced to achieve a particular aim.  I guarantee that this meeting will be memorable and worthwhile – time well spent!

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Specialising in promotional packages for Start-ups
and Developing Businesses.

Finding out who your customers are and how and where to find them. Then creating and producing all the elements you need to define the personality of your business, your products, your service and your take on the world.

And getting that message to your customers.

Graphic Design, Branding, Marketing, Advertising.

The advice you need – to help to avoid expensive mistakes or wrong turnings.  We then produce the materials agreed on – not only the images, the shapes, the colours but the words, every bit as important as an arresting shape or graphical element.  Words have an extraordinary power to inform, interest, engage and influence.  They put the case for your products and services truthfully and memorably – sufficiently to create a response: an enquiry …. a request for more information …. or a sale.

As part of our service we source the print or production to get the best standards at the best possible prices.  And to complete the package we can create the eye-catching elements that your customers will see on your website.

We work with the website builder to create an effective site which is up-to-date, accurate and legal in the ever-changing online world.

Simple, effective, distinctive presentation and communication without the flim-flam.

In fact – an honest-to-goodness return on your investment.