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Quotations from famous, infamous and unknown people ¬†Beautifully handwritten, decorated, and mounted ready-to-hang as gifts, rewards or prizes; for any occasion – or just because….

Please Note:

Our standard size for the finished product is 10″ x 8″ (except for code 0011-1, (burnt ¬£10 note) which is 8″ x 6″.
We do not supply glass and frame – just the card mount.
Other sizes and colours may be available – you only have to ask.
New Quotes and designs are being added – watch this space.

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Bespoke Quotations

Your favourite quotation – piece of poetry, saying, whatever – beautifully hand-written and made into a gift or presentation piece that will last.

Please send us the quotation – and don’t forget the author’s name, if possible.

First we will discuss what you want and how you want it, and give you a quote.

We will design the Bespoke Quirky Quote, and produce this unique and lasting gift specially for you.


Estimate for Quirky Quote

Colour of Mount

We will get back to you with our costs and delivery times.